Left to right , Me , Stuart Ross and Jimmy Nalley, Stu was our first drummer and about 10 years older than us so he assumed the fatherly figure towards us which we didn't really need.. He was with us for the first 6 months we were together including our road trip Penn, New York and Florida

The Picture Below

Me, David Platshon and Jimmy Nalley




After we came back from our 2nd trip to Florida, Dave played with us for another couple of months before he was offered a job with Nils Lofgran. He went to Hawaii and also toured ib Europe and recorded an album with Nils. Then Dave came back and played a few more months with us again until he was offeren a gig with Ike and Tina Turner..

Below is the only picture we have with Mark Fintcham, he was there when we needed a replacement for Dave and was able to do the job. Daves shoes were very big to fill but Mark did OK..... We eventually replaced him with Danny Conway and sad to say Mark had passed away shortly after that.


Pictured below from left to right is  "Jimmy Nalley, Myself and Danny Conway"

Pictured below left to right is "Jimmy Nalley, Myself and Michael "POKEY" Walls

 In 1976 Disco was becoming too popular in the nightclubs so in order to compete and to keep working we had to learn more top 40 dance hits... We changed our name to just "THE PIECES" we wore these white jumpsuits and after Danny left the band we hired "Pokey" to play drums. He was a solid strong drummer with a good lead singing voice. We started doing some Isley Brothers and other high energy dance numbers. 


Joe Record also joined the band for a while. He was a big fan of David Platshon's and tried to play like him but no one really could do what David did. He was a one of a kind. Joe was pretty dedicated.. he practiced alot and had the endurance it takes to play drums all night 6 nights a week but was lacking in feel what we always wanted.

 Below is a picture with Joe and after I left the band their were a few different guitarists that followed me... Tony Grasso,  Glen Alexander...





Places that THREE EASY PIECES played at


The Howard Johnson's in Laurel, Maryland

The Pimlico Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland

The Silver Dollar in Georgetown, Washington DC

The Holiday Inn in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Scope Holiday Inn in Norfolk, Virginia

The Lost Cause in Albany, Georgia

Uncle Sam's in Atlanta, Ga

Harold's Lounge in Hollywood, Fla

The She night Club in Ft Lauderdale, Fla

The Castaways, North Miami Beach, Fl

Big Daddy's Lounge, Dania Beach, Fla

Chinese Resturant and Lounge, New Port Richey, Fla

The Holdiay Inn in Jacksonville, South Carolina

Wynlyns Edge Lounge in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

The Showboat Lounge in Caimbridge, Maryland

The Joint US1 in Collage Park, Maryland

The Holiday Inn in Elmsford/WhitePlains, New York

The Ramada Inn, Williamsburg, Va

The Showboat Lounge in Caimbridge, Md

Fredricksburg, Va

Bowling Green , Kentucky

The Holiday Inn in Salisburry, Md

Strip Club in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

The Pall Mall, in Washington, DC

The Crazy Horse in Georgetown, Wash DC

The Back Alley Lounge in Bladensburg, Maryland

The Side Door in Gaithersberg, Maryland

The Crystal Palace-Holiday Inn in Gaithersberg, Maryland

Club Mary in Sarasota, Florida

Monda'sBoat Bar in Key West, Florida

The Castaways in Miami Beach, Florida

Harolds Lounge in Hollywood, Florida

The Button in Ft Lauderdaye, Florida

Shula's Night Club in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Neil's Lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida

The Ramada Inn in Williamsberg, Virginia

The Playpen South in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

The Rabbits Foot in Fredrick, Maryland

Tysons Corner Holiday Inn in Tysons Corner, Virginia



Jimmy went in to the Holiday Inn we were playing at in Jacksonville, North Carolina to see if we could get an advance in our pay... you can see what they told him  


Danny Conway's 1952 Buick


 Above is my 72 GMC long wheelbase Van converted inside for comfort and carrying our band equipment. the front chair was removeable as you can see.









My Mom and I at her place in St Louis, Mo






Our first job in Florida was just outside of Sarasota Floride at the "Club Mary" It was another topless club and the picture above was of the all girl topless band called "The Hummingbirds" We got to know them pretty well. They were from Detroit and we later rossed paths with them again in Miami Fla at the "Newport Hotel" on the large show stage.



.Jimmy and I both got our Bus Driver Licenses to earn some extra money..  it didn't work out, stay tuned for the detailed story





  Here is the Buisness card for the Boat Bar in Key West, Fl our 2nd job in Florida. We were there for 2-3 weeks before heading north yo Albany, Georgia to the "Lost Cause" another interedting job.... 


  Below is a picture of us and a friend "Steve Sisgold" that came along. We were camping in "Key West Seaside Park" I had a small tent I set up with a single mattress for a comfortable sleep and Jimmy stayed in his Volkswagon Bus once the Hammond B3 and Leslie speakers were set up at the clubs we played. 


Here I am heading South accross the 17 mile bridge to Key West