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Holiday Inn Elmsford/White Plains New York

Posted by Michael Pirko on July 16, 2011 at 5:28 PM Comments comments (33)

Our 2nd road gig was at the Holiday in in Elmsford/White Plains New York for 1 Month... We were still playing with Stuart Ross and finally getting our own sound. Lots of time to rehearse as long as it was after the gig which ended at 2:00 AM. It was in the main resturaunt so we could'nt rehears while people were eating. The great part is that the late night cleaning crew "Rafael and Paulino" would dance with their mops when we learned Santana's songs "Oye Como Va" and the didn't speak any English but we still communicated with them very well. The New how to open the locked door to the meat locker and would cook us up New York Strip Steaks on the weekends... the night auditor desk cleark was also in on it so for the entire month we had weekend dinners and ice cream.. whatever and all on the house....

On The Road in Johnstown, Pa

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Our 1st job on the road was a strip club is Johnstown Pa...  It was on the 2nd floor and one long and narrow staircase to load our equipment. This was a true test to see if 2 guys can lift about a 200 lb Hammond B3 Organ up 2 flights of stairs without a landing  well we did it and lived to talk about it...What a gig, we followed a comedian and the one stripper sliding around the dance floor on a barstool.... There weren't very many people there but it was fun going out of town on our 1st road gig for 2 weeks...


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This page is  all about the many stories most of them true and most of them hard to believe.... trying to start back at the beginning and see how the storys grow....